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Your strategic business partner for business growth without the hustle & overwhelm.

Business growth through an aligned strategy, a clear action plan, human-centric marketing, strategic next steps and accountability. Coaching and done-for-you strategy and marketing for successful business owners.
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Action planning, strategic next steps & accountability for sustainable business growth​

Do you have big dreams for your business but simply can’t find the time to implement them? Because you’re busy helping your clients, ticking off urgent to-do’s and now you’re thinking about it, you don’t work with a clear strategy.

It has taken you far. But now you are ready for more. 

You know you leave revenue (and profit!) on the table. It frustrates you that you’re leaking leads, revenue and time because you’re working without a strategy, personalized customer journey and action plan.

You want to change it. But where do you start? You simply don’t have the time or know what to do and find yourself mostly “running around in your own head”.

You wonder what’s smart to do for you?

You came to the right place! 

I help business owners that feel like their business growth is overtaking them​

I help business owners who are overtaken by their success. Who feel they can get more out of their business (and life) but don't know where to start, are running out of time and feel like they're too busy already. 

It makes me wonder what your business success is worth if you plop on the couch exhausted every weekend?' That's not why you started your business, is it?

That's why I help you achieve sustainable business growth. With a solid, simple strategy, more structure and a strong CEO mindset. Helping you work strategically smart so you get the peace of mind to enjoy life since you feel in control of your business growth.

This is what working with me looks like:

Thanks to a solid strategy, clear action planning and more structure in your strategic product offering, customer journey and marketing, you get sustainable business growth without the overwhelm.

My approach is a combination of coaching and consulting. You’ll get access to my strategic & creative brain. And if you want a done-for-you service.

While most coaches might ask you “what do you think?” or help you create a plan after which you’ll drown in to-do’s and doubt about the implementation… I help you further!

  • From “just doing something” and a “throw spaghetti against the wall” strategy to a customized strategy that fits your goals.
  • From being swayed aday by the everyday business to having a clear plan of action and peace of mind.
  • From a mishmash of offerings, complicated sales funnels and chaos to overview, structure and focus.

In short, as a strategic business partner I will work with you to achieve your goals based on your vision and core values.

Podcast Ilona Dielis


A podcast on all things business growth, strategy and simplicity with a hint of Neuro Linguistic Programming for a CEO mindset to let you grow your business without the overwhelm. From creative business growth strategies to actionable steps designed to scale your business in a simplified way.

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About working with me

My approach is a combination of coaching, consulting and done-for-you.

My expertise:

  • MSc Business Administration (strategy and organization of organizations)
  • BBa Hospitality management (customer experience, customer experience and creating wow-experiences).
  • NLP Master Practitioner. The NLP principles and tools help you ethically influence through your marketing. This could give you an unfair competitive advantage over your competition. 
  • 10+ years of experience as an international marketer for SMEs resulting in multiple awards for a client, pre-opening new real estate locations fully selling and being seen as an expert in the market.

Danielle | Dani Eline

Ilona is practical and really gives you tools you can work with. Where other coaches often stick to "what do you think", Ilona thinks along with you. I find her incredibly creative, she has a helicopter view and she is also fun to spar with about your business.


Danielle | Dani Eline

I met Ilona during an informal online meeting. I immediately noticed with how much ease she adds value. I immediately booked a session with her afterwards and it exceeded my expectations. Ilona is practical and really gives you tools you can work with. Where other coaches often remain in "what do you think", Ilona thinks with you. I find her incredibly creative, she has a helicopter view and she is also fun to spar with about your business.

Ilona Dielis Marketing Strategist

Hi, I’m Ilona

Business & marketing strategist & NLP Master Practitioner

My mission is to help successful business owners take back control of their business growth, and thus their freedom.

So they can truly experience life now and not have to wait until “later” or retirement.

Ambitious startups and experienced entrepreneurs alike come to me to determine a simple strategy to help them realize their business ambitions in a way that is aligned with their core values and vision.

This way, their distinctiveness comes across well to the target audience and running your business is more enjoyable.

And not without success! Thanks to my marketing strategy, my client ZAPFLER Craft Brewery won the prestigious award for “best craft beer brewery” in Shanghai several times. And another client completely sold out pre-opening. 

I’ve been helping online business owners and SMEs grow since 2018. As a marketing & business strategist, I guide entrepreneurs on strategy, marketing and streamlining processes.

What clients say about working with me

Benthe Bemelman

Ilona asked the perfect questions to come up with a very clear product offering. now know exactly how I am going to launch it.

Benthe Bemelman

Ilona askedthe perfect questions to come up with a very clear product suite. In fact, during the first session we had already worked out 90% of the offer. On my own I would never have succeeded, let alone at that pace.


Janneke Lievaart

Ilona is full of great ideas to help an organization thrive, reach its target audience and enthuse colleagues.


Janneke Lievaart

Without a doubt Ilona is the person you want on the team. She is enthusiasticconnects the dots and has a huge network from which she always knows just the answers you need.

Founder Zapfler Craft Brewery

Dirk Frauenheim

Founder Zapfler Craft Brewery

Dirk Frauenheim

Josje de Klerk coach

Josje de Klerk

Someone who sees the big picture clearly, with a helicopter view, who advises on projects and knows everything about marketing.

Josje de Klerk coach

Josje de Klerk

I lovingly recommend Ilona as a business coach who advises, thinks along and is knowledgeable of many business areas

She immediately gets clarity on how you work, how your business is structured and how these two could lead to YOUR desired result.

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