Customer journey audit​

Discover in 2 hours where in your customer journey you're leaking leads & revenue and where you leave money on the table

Optimizing your customer journey brings peace of mind, clarity, and potential for revenue growth.

Your customer journey and customer experience are the secret to happy clients that turn into ambassadors and increase the customer lifetime value. Discover how an optimized customer journey can help you achieve steady business growth without spending more hours on marketing to attract new clients.

  • Identify opportunities to generate more leads and revenue through your customer journey.
  • Are the steps in your customer journey aligned?
  • Where do you ‘leak’ leads and revenue?
  • Where can we spot opportunities to generate more leads and revenue.

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This is for you if:

  • You notice that your offers aren’t aligned. 
  • You’re curious if your offers are logically structured or if it can be streamlined for revenue growth and customer retention.
  • You spend many hours looking for new revenue models or passive income streams and doubt about what would be the best choice for you.
  • You want to simplify and increase revenue without spending more time on marketing. Can it be done more efficiently?

After the audit you have:

  • Clarity on where in your customer journey you’re leaking revenue and leads.
  • You know where there is potential in your customer journey to increase revenue.
  • Overview, focus and feel in control of your business growth opportunities. 
  • A clear action plan to implement on your own.


A streamlined customer journey helps you guide your clients step by step towards their goal without overwhelming them

This is how a customer journey audit works:
  • Preparation: You'll receive a questionnaire to prepare for the session, so we can make the most of our time together.
  • Session: We'll examine your product offerings and customer journey together, identify 'gaps' and opportunities, and discuss possible new revenue models that align with your vision and goals.
  • Action plan: After the session, you'll receive a clear action plan to implement on your own.

  • Bonus

    Handy PDF guide for a baseline audit and weekly evaluation worth 49 euros.
    As a gift, you'll receive a clear PDF guide to help you do a baseline audit and prioritize your weekly tasks. The guide also includes weekly evaluation sheets, so get instant clarity on where you can optimize for even better results. . 

    If you take action now:

    • Take control of your business growth.
    • Get overview, focus, and peace of mind because your customer journey is logically structured.
    • Receive a personalized action plan to implement on your own, so you can focus on optimizing your customer journey.
    • Increase revenue without having to spend more hours on marketing.

    If you wait a bit longer:

    • You’ll continue to ‘leak’ leads and revenue and spend valuable time on marketing that isn’t giving you the best return on investment.
    • You’ll take ‘shot in the dark’ actions that don’t always directly contribute to your desired outcome. Wasting precious time that you could also spend with your family and friends 😉 
    • You’ll continue to overwhelm your potential clients since you’re not guiding them in a logical, manageable way towards their goal.

    Benthe Bemelman

    Ilona asked the perfect questions to come up with a very clear product offer.Now I know exactly how I'm going to launch it."

    Benthe Bemelman

    Ilona asked the perfect questions to come up with a very clear product offer. In fact, during the first session we had already worked out 90% of the offer. I could never have done it on my own, let alone at that pace. I now know exactly what my product offering should look like and how I'm going to launch it. I am super grateful for Ilona's help and would recommend her to anyone who is ready for the next step (and perhaps a new focus) but doesn't yet have a clear foundation in place."


    Janneke Lievaart

    "Ilona is full of great ideas to make an organization thrive, reach the target audience, and inspire colleagues."


    Janneke Lievaart

    "Without a doubt, Ilona is the person you want on your team. She is enthusiastic, pays attention to detail, and has an extensive network from which she always manages to get the exact answers you need."

    Ilona Dielis Marketing Strategist

    Hi, i’m Ilona

    Business & marketing strategist and NLP Master Practitioner

    It’s my mission to help successful business owners like you, to take control of their business growth, and their freedom.

    So they can truly experience life now and don’t have to wait until ‘later’ or their retirement.

    Both ambitious starters and experienced entrepreneurs ask me to help determine a simple strategy to achieve their business ambitions in a way that aligns with their core values and vision. This ensures alignment with their dream life and target audience, making running their business more enjoyable. And not without success!

    For example, my client ZAPFLER Craft Brewery won the prestigious award for “best craft beer brewery” in Shanghai multiple times thanks to my marketing strategy. Another client was completely fully booked before their location even opened.

    I’ve been helping online business owners and SMEs grow since 2018. As a marketing & business strategist, I guide entrepreneurs on strategy, marketing and streamlining processes.

    Customer Journey audit

    Because let’s be honest, you want to receive WhatsApps like this too, right?

    Sneller meer klanten en meer omzet
    Meer "ja's" op je offertes
    Makkelijk klanten aantrekken

    What clients say about working with me

    Founder Zapfler Craft Brewery

    Dirk Frauenheim

    Founder Zapfler Craft Brewery

    Dirk Frauenheim

    Josje de Klerk coach

    Josje de Klerk

    "Someone who clearly sees the big picture, who guides from the sidelines with a helicopter view, who provides project-based advice, and knows everything about marketing."

    Josje de Klerk coach

    Josje de Klerk

    "I wholeheartedly recommend Ilona as a business coach who advises, thinks with you, and is well-versed in all areas. She quickly understands how you operate, how your business functions, and how these two factors lead to YOUR desired outcome."

    Of course, you want to make sure you're working with someone who has a proven track record. I get it, so here's a little brag list:

    • As marketing manager for ZAPFLER Craft Beer Brewery, I developed a marketing strategy that allowed us to improve the customer experience and turn customers into ambassadors. As a small brewery in Shanghai, we won the “Shanghai Craft Beer Bar of the Year” award several times.
    • One client completely sold out pre-opening!
    • An online entrepreneur wentfrom totally stuck in one session to 90% of the offer suite worked out, confidence and a launch plan that helped her achieve a top  
    • 56% of my clients renew after their initial program.
    • A client felt stuck in her business. She didn’t experience ‘flow’ and wasn’t making any sales. Leaving her stressed out and anxious. After our first session, she attracted 8,000 euros in sales in 2 days.
    • Built my business from nothing to a “semi-retired” business in 4 years. Simply because I worked strategically and started investing my profits in real estate that I’m renting out.
    • I am the only business strategist with a (MSc) Masters in Business Administration in strategy and organization, Higher Hotel School (customer journey and customer experience), Customer Experience certification, 8+ years of experience as a marketer and certified NLP Master Practitioner. 

    Book a customer journey audit


    What is a customer journey audit?

    A customer journey audit is an analysis of the journey someone takes from the moment they see or hear about your business for the first time until they start working with you and potentially become an ambassador.

    During the audit, we analyze if your customer journey is logically structured, identify where you are leaking revenue and leads, and pinpoint opportunities to improve the customer experience and boost revenue.

    How long does a customer journey audit take and what is the investment?

    The customer journey audit takes four hours.

    The investment for the audit is €499 excl. VAT. This includes the audit (in which we also start working on 10% of the gaps that create 90% of the leads leaks) and a clear action plan to continue implementing the improvements after the session. 

    In the four hours you’ll get clarity on where you’re leaking leads and therefore leaving revenue on the table. You also get a clear action plan so you can optimize your customer journey by yourself. 

    What result can I expect after this session?

    After the audit you know where in your customer journey you’re leaking leads and revenue. You have a clear action plan to optimize your customer journey which takes away the guesswork on what to imrpove or what to do today. 

    Optimizing your customer journey can result in you being able to get more ROI from your marketing activities.  

    You also know where there are opportunities for growth. 

    Do I need to have a complete customer journey for this session?

    No, it’s no problem if you don’t have a clear customer journey.

    If you do have a simple customer journey, we can use this as the starting point of the analysis. 

    If you don’t have a customer journey we will start mapping a simple customer journey for your business.

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