360-degrees audit

In 90 minutes we audit where in your business you’re leaking leads, energy and time and which action to take to close 10% of the gaps that cause 90% of your frustration.
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Uncover revenue leaks and

Untapped potential

Your business is thriving, but you can’t shake the feeling that there’s untapped potential. 

As your client base expands, so does your workload, leaving you overwhelmed and disconnected from the joy of entrepreneurship. 

It’s time to grow your business without sacrificing your life or mental well-being. But that starts with uncovering which potential you want to capitalize on and setting your business (and yourself) up for success. 

That’s what we’ll do in the 360-degrees audit. We analyze your business in 9 core areas for a fit with your vision and goals. We’ll make strategic decisions and translate that to an actionable plan. 

Setting you up for long-term success without overwhelm and hustle.

Book your 360-degrees audit

This is for you if you

  • Feel like your business has untapped potential.
  • Are not sure where to start to grow your business. There are so many opportunities?!
  • If running your business feels overwhelming.
  • Want to simplify and solidify your business fundament for growth. After all, we’re not building sand castles that collaps when the first wave washes over!  

After the audit you have:

  • Clarity on 10% of the gaps in your business fundament that cause 90% of your frustration.
  • You know where there is potential in your customer journey to increase revenue.
  • You have a clear action plan to optimize or streamline your business.
  • Overview, focus and feel in control of your business growth opportunities.
  • A clear action plan to implement on your own.

“Knowledge is only potential power.

It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.”

Napoleon Hill

In the 90-minute session we focus on these

9 audit areas

A 360-degrees audit helps you

decide on strategic next steps to grow your business without overwhelm

and turn it into an actionable plan that excites you!



You’ll receive a questionnaire to prepare for the session, so we can make the most of our time together. 



In a 1:1 call we audit your business in 9 core areas to ensure your strategic next steps align with your vision, goals and dream lifestyle. Essentially ensuring that growing your business is fun!


Action plan

After the session, you’ll receive a clear action plan to implement on your own.


Handy PDF guide for a baseline audit and weekly evaluation worth 49 euros.

As a gift, you’ll receive a clear PDF guide to help you do a baseline audit and prioritize your weekly tasks. The guide also includes weekly evaluation sheets, so get instant clarity on where you can optimize for even better results. . 

By taking action now, you

  • Take control of your business growth.
  • Get overview, focus, and peace of mind because your customer journey is logically structured.
  • Receive a personalized action plan to implement on your own, so you can focus on optimizing your customer journey.
  • Increase revenue without having to spend more hours on marketing.

If you wait a bit longer

  • You’ll continue to ‘leak’ leads and revenue and spend valuable time on marketing that isn’t giving you the best return on investment.
  • You’ll take ‘shot in the dark’ actions that don’t always directly contribute to your desired outcome. Wasting precious time that you could also spend with your family and friends 😉 
  • You’ll continue to overwhelm your potential clients since you’re not guiding them in a logical, manageable way towards their goal.

Happy clients


Ilona Dielis Marketing & Business Strategist Gold Coast

Hi, I'm Ilona

Marketing & Business Strategist and NLP Master Practitioner.

It’s my mission to help successful business owners like you take control of their business growth and their freedom. So they can truly experience life now and don’t have to wait until ‘later’ or their retirement.

Ambitious starters and experienced entrepreneurs ask me to help determine a simple strategy to achieve their business ambitions in a way that aligns with their core values and vision. This ensures alignment with their dream life and target audience, making running their business more enjoyable – and not without success!

For example, my client ZAPFLER Craft Brewery won the prestigious “best craft beer brewery” award in Shanghai multiple times thanks to my marketing strategy. Another client was completely fully booked before their location even opened.

I’ve been helping online business owners and SMEs grow since 2018. As a marketing & business strategist, I guide entrepreneurs on strategy, marketing and streamlining processes.

360-degrees audit

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In a 360-degree audit, we check your business fundament for lead & revenue leaks and untapped profit potential and uncover 10% of the gaps that cause 90% of your frustration.

During the audit we also make sure that the strategic next steps you want to take are aligned with your vision, goals and dream lifestyle. After all, you started your business to realise a vision while you live the life of your dreams, isn’t it?! 

The 360-degrees audit takes 90-minutes. 

In 90 minutes you’ll get clarity on where you’re leaking leads and therefore leaving revenue on the table. You also get a clear action plan so you can, by yourself, optimize your business for growth without feeling overwhelmed. 

The investment for the audit is €250,—excl. VAT. This includes the audit (after which you can already start working on 10% of the gaps that create 90% of the lead leaks) and a clear action plan to continue implementing the improvements after the session. 

If you decide to join The Journey coaching program, you can use this investment as a discount for the program. Essentially giving you an extra 90-minute 1:1 session for free.

After the audit you know where in your business you’re leaking leads and revenue. You have a clear action plan to optimize your business fundament in an aligned, focused way. This audit takes away the guesswork on what to do each week to reach your goal. 

This audit brings the FUN back into your business FUNdament. Because you got clarity, focus and know exactly which strategic next steps to take to reach your goal.

Not a problem! During the audit we’ll discover where you have gaps in your business fundament or what is needed to create a strong business fundament. 

No problem, feel free to send me a message on ilona@ilonadielis.com.

360-degrees audit

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